Greetings! I’m Rich Alten, your health and wellness coach. Proper fitness and wellness is a lifestyle change that will transform your entire life, including your professional life. If you are committed to having more energy, looking better and feeling better, I can help you get there. Conquer challenges with a clearer head, get inspired by noticeable improvements in your body, and stay the path, for a life that is more fulfilling, more successful and more lived. When you feel better, you are better – at everything you do!


So here’s a little background  on me. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1984. I’ve been an athlete for most of my life and took an interest in basketball, ice hockey, track and martial arts. I spent 19 years studying hardcore martial arts and eventually turned professional resulting in some key roles with law enforcement agencies, school districts and even some celebrities. For me, martial arts was more about the precision and focus rather than a desire to kick someones ass.


Instead I would rather share what I've learned with others so they can achieve their own fitness goals. I enjoy learning and realize that it's an ongoing activity.  Every person is unique, requiring customized fitness plans that work for them. Fitness is not a one size fits all regimen. So many join gyms with the intent of getting in shape but end up wasting money because they never go or get nothing out of it. It could be because they don't know how to work out, or even how to utilize the equipment offered at gyms. Others need help with motivation and someone there to hold them accountable, and to push them further.  I enjoy watching these individuals transform when they are inspired by positive changes in their physique. Changing someone's life for the better, is the most rewarding aspect of personal training.


Some of my favorite topics are holistic wellness, physics and spiritual cultures. I have an extensive background in physiology, kinesiology, philosophy, coaching and exercise science in which I have used to stay young, fit and keep a sound mind. In addition I also have extensive experience in physical therapy, nutrition, sports specific performance, program development and goal setting.