Weight Loss

For maximum benefits in weight loss it's recommended to pair nutritional coaching with exercise. My personal training services may not be an option for you, depending on your location, but you may want to check out our other virtual services for fitness to help maximize your results. Something I've learned from previous diet failures is that eating healthy needs to have the following characteristics:

Meal Planning and Preparation

    • Simple to create/cook
    • Easy to obtain
    • Taste delicious
    • Varietal

Finding the right meal plan that works for you can be based on several factors such as commitment, genetics, job, lifestyle and social activities, which is why my meal planning and prep is not a one size fits all service. Furthermore, without accountability it's easy to slip off your meal plan, when no one is looking. As such, regular check-ins, via phone and sometimes video are part of this service.

What to Expect From My Weight Loss Service

    • Menu creation
    • Weight and measurement tracking
    • Goal creation and planning with milestones
    • Regular check-ins via phone calls and video meeting
    • Accountability
    • Nutritional coaching and information sharing
    • Identifying KPI's and charting of changes

Meal Prep and Planning vs Limited Diets

    • Enjoy enriched foods
    • Eat efficiently and healthier when you're on the go
    • Learn how to prepare simple meals to start your week
    • Have access to healthy meals anytime
    • Use your time more efficiently to prep
    • Learn how to listen to your body's fuel needs
    • Minimize artificial supplementation and maximize taste
    • How to control cravings and habits
    • Being accountable