Virtual Wellness Coaching

    Getting healthy can be a tall order without guidance and accountability. I can help you define your goals and keep you on track through a customized wellness plan. If you are serious and motivated to living a healthier life, my service provides the guidance to get you there.

Program Details

    3 phone check-ins per week (up to 1 hour each)
    1 intro video meeting plus 2 additional
    Service Delivery – per month
*The Following Services May Be Slightly Adjusted As Desired.

Virtual Goal Setting

    • Create and define goals
    • Identifying KPI’s, weight checks, phone calls
    • Readjusting goals (as needed)

Virtual Weight Loss Coaching

    • Meal preparation and planning
    • Information on nutrients in specific foods
    • Tracking macro-nutrients and caloric intake
    • Body composition monitoring

Fitness Coaching

    • Exercise accountability
    • Customized exercise regimens
    • Rest and recovery
    • Exercise awareness and Injury prevention
    • Learn how to apply pain release techniques