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About Rich Alten

Personal Trainer and Coach

Let Me Know How I Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


Greetings! I’m Rich Alten, your health and wellness coach. Proper fitness and wellness is a lifestyle change that will transform your entire life, including your professional life. If you are committed to having more energy, looking better and feeling better, I can help you get there. Conquer challenges with a clearer head, get inspired by noticeable improvements in your body, and stay the path, for a life that is more fulfilling, more successful and more lived. When you feel better, you are better – at everything you do!


So here’s a little background  on me. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1984. I’ve been an athlete for most of my life and took an interest in basketball, ice hockey, track and martial arts. I spent 19 years studying hardcore martial arts and eventually turned professional resulting in some key roles with law enforcement agencies, school districts and even…Read More

Good, Common Sense Training, with Excellent Results

I met Rich at the gym where we both did weight training, I asked Rich If he would train me, in several
areas of martial arts. I am primarily a Judo player, and, had very little expertise in striking and kicking
techniques. Rich graciously consented, and spent several months helping me develop skills that filled in some blanks in my former training. He did this in a safe, thorough, professional manner. I would still be training with Rich, if I had not been injured in an unrelated event. I feel Rich has expertise beyond just holding a senior rank in a particular martial art. His range of knowledge extends over many different martial arts, and culminates in an ability to train someone in ultimate self-defense. Moreover, Rich is able to communicate with his trainee, in a concise and understandable manner. There are no mysteries, just good, common sense training, with excellent results”.  – Ken Cole






Ken Cole

Rich Alten a Perfect 5 out of 5 for His Training Abilities

“Rich trains at my gym and is one of our most impressive trainers. He has probably the most unorthodox lifts that will make you immeasurably strong. I personally believed I was an impressive lifter until I began lifting with Rich where I soon after found I knew close to nothing about lifting or fighting for that matter. If results is what you desire, Rich was bred to produce them, between his true passion for what he does and his innovative and original way for going about them. I personally rate Rich Alten a perfect 5 out of 5 for his training abilities”  – Grant Ferry




Grant Ferry

Motivational Personal Trainer that Leads By Example

“Rich is one of the most open minded, and versatile martial artist I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is a patient teacher and will take the time to teach a technique 1,000 different ways, in order to help his students learn. He also is a motivational personal trainer that leads by example, living a healthy lifestyle. Rich would be a great choice for anyone looking for a new way to exercise and stay fit!”  –Travis Swafrtzlander



Travis Swafrtzlander

Just Meet Him Once and You’ll See What I Mean

Rich Alten has more passion and dedication to martial arts and overall fitness health and support than any trainer I have known. This guy not only knows his stuff but, he eats, breathes, sleeps and lives it! I have known and experienced many fitness professionals and I feel absolutely confident in my personal recommendation of Rich Alten Martial Arts. Just meet him once and you will see what I mean.”  – Lori Ann



Lori Ann

If You Want Results, Go See Rich!

I have been training with Rich for almost a year now….Rich is an excellent trainer. Definitely not a “cookie cutter” kind of trainer like you find at so many gyms….Very individualized, and creative workouts. Rich will push you and you’ll never be bored. I never leave a session feeling like I haven’t gotten a great workout or that I haven’t been challenged. If you want results, go see Rich!”  – Kristen Skaff



Kristen Skaff

Highly Recommend to All Women and Girls

Rich is, to me, a remarkable individual with whom it is a privilege to train with and be helped by. Unfortunately, that’s not a catchy title but it captures the spirit of his practice far more than he approaches me with a balance of professionalism and friendship. It was a revelation to walk away with an arsenal and feeling of empowerment!
I highly recommend this class to all women and girls”  –  Jennifer Vernooy



Jennifer Vernooy

Rich is Passionate in His Craft and Full of Knowledge

“Rich is passionate in his craft and full of knowledge. There is no better teacher than one who loves what they do and wants to share it with others THAT’s RICH!”  – Gwen Fox




Gwen Fox

Excellent Work Ethic

“Excellent work ethic. If you want serious training with real goals met, Rich is your trainer. He lives and breathes martial arts!”  – Tracey Levine



Tracey Levine

Hardest Working and Practical…in the Phoenix Area

‘Rich is the most technically educated, hardest working and practical fitness and martial arts trainer in the Phoenix area”. – Robin Walker



Robin Walker

Rich Reached My High Expectations with Ease

‘I have very high standards when it comes to paying for any service. Rich reached my high expectations with ease.”  – Donna Nelson



Donna Nelson

I Recommend Rich

“I recommend Rich, he is very informative on the techinques he teaches and the education as well.”  – Tug Sestak III



Tug Sestak III

This Guy Knows His Stuff

“This guy knows his stuff”  – Chris Hays



Chris Hays

The Training is Awesome

“The training is awesome.”  – Notah Galindo

Notah Galindo